Keeping Your Employees Healthy and Happy

If your business has employees, then you need solutions on how to keep your office clean and the staff safe. Having us consolidate your Breakroom supplies lowers your costs and increases productivity. 

  • Easy Online Ordering
  • Partnerships with Industry-leading Manufacturers
  • Sustainable Products verified by third party sustainability certifications
  • Competitive Pricing

Breakroom Supplies

The breakroom is where employees gather and friendships are forged, milestones are celebrated, and snacks are shared. Guy Brown provides the leading brands in the industry to ensure you can offer everyone in your office coffee and breakroom supplies that you know and trust. If your office likes to indulge, or is pursuing healthier alternatives, we have options for every palate.
  • Snacks, Water, Coffee
  • Cups, Plates, Napkins, Cutlery
  • Breakroom Furniture
  • Health & Wellness Solutions 

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Sustainable Ordering and Reporting 

Let one of our Facility Specialists conduct a site assessment to help you determine how to assist with OSHA compliance efforts, provide guidance on LEED certification, and offer proactive recommendations on product consolidation and additional cost-saving options.

  • Extensive Eco-Product Offering
  • Leading Environmental Reporting
  • SmartSize Packaging
  • Easy Recycling Solutions
  • LEED Eligible Products
  • Sustainability Subject Matter Experts