Details matter.


Keeping your business clean, healthy and energized.
If your business has employees, then you need solutions on how to keep your office clean and the staff happy. Our Facilities Resources team can help you with cleaning supplies, safety products and snacks. Everything needed to keep your company humming.

Having us consolidate your janitorial, sanitation and snack supplies lowers your costs and increases productivity. When employees don’t have to worry about purchasing and delivery of these items, from multiple suppliers, they can focus on more important duties.

By leveraging our purchasing power, we can get you lower costs on most facility and maintenance supplies, even if you have low minimums on your supplies. When inventory is better managed, waste is reduced and storage issues are minimized.

If you’re looking to reach your green objectives, we can help there too.

We partner with manufacturers committed to the environment by reducing,
reusing, recycling and reforesting.

We work in the same consultative manner providing facilities resources as we do in every other office area. We assess your needs. We recommend. We ensure you get great service. And then we show how you save and increase productivity.

We can provide these products:
  • Cleaning chemicals, tools and accessories
  • Personal care
  • Restroom dispensing equipment and supplies
  • Health/safety/security
  • Snacks/beverage/coffee
  • Maintenance products
  • Waste containers and liners
  • Office supplies