Details matter.


Keeping your business clean, healthy and energized.
If your business has employees, then you need solutions on how to keep your office clean and the staff safe. Our Facilities Resources team can help you with cleaning supplies, MRO and safety products, breakroom supplies and workwear. Everything needed to keep your company humming.

Having us consolidate your janitorial, sanitation and snack supplies lowers your costs and increases productivity. When employees don’t have to worry about purchasing and delivery of these items, from multiple suppliers, they can focus on more important duties.

Maintenance Repair and Operations 

Guy Brown provides the tools for the Maintenance, Repair, and Operations of production and plant maintenance, supplemented with insights and predictive capabilities from your data. A complete solutions provider with an extensive catalog and quick shipping to keep you from any down time. Our ordering platform makes the process seamless for anyone from your procurement specialist to a plant manager. We optimize our supplier processes for less defects and higher quality, with green purchasing options available.

MRO is an area of procurement that can quickly get out of hand, which is why Guy Brown helps you manage and save on how you purchase, managing inventory, maintaining quality, all while operating sustainably. We are your procurement partner, working with you every step of the way.


Workwear sourcing for every division in your organization. We source top quality workwear from name brands to ensure durability and comfort for all of your employees. From scrubs to hard-hats, we’ve got you covered. We work with some of the world’s largest apparel, footwear, and accessories companies with socially and environmentally responsible operations spanning numerous product categories and distribution channels to provide solutions and uniforms for all positions and levels. Competitive pricing and analysis of spend will help you meet cost saving initiatives while maintaining quality standards. Let our consultative approach help you buy better for all areas of sourcing for your company.