How much is that printer really going to cost?

Over its lifetime, the cost of ink and toner cartridges to operate a printer will add up to a lot more than the initial purchase price.

Most often, printing devices are purchased without ever fully considering the overall printing requirements. Smaller, desktop printing devices are frequently purchased on an ad hoc basis, with little insight to the total cost of ownership of the device over time.

Typically, the new printer, with the lowest sticker price may, in fact, turn out to be the one with the highest cost of ownership after factoring in a couple of years worth of ink, toner, maintenance and other supplies. Even leased machines should be evaluated for their true cost over time. This can help discerning companies understand if new equipment is needed, if the equipment is optimized for the customers print requirements or worse, designed instead to maximize a re-sellers business revenue.

With a little added knowledge, the opportunities abound to optimize the print environment in small or large businesses alike. Try out the Printer TCO Calculator below. You might be surprised!


Uncover Hidden Opportunities to Save

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